Emerald Sea Organic Sea Vegetables Supplement

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that keep us healthy and boost the immune system, but did you know that sea vegetables are more densely packed with vitamins and minerals than land-based fresh produce?  You don’t have to live close to the ocean to enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich, organic, raw, whole plant food from the sea.

Emerald Sea Organic Sea Vegetable Supplement contains all the vital nutrients and minerals your body is craving for.  This whole-food supplement will wake up your body and make you feel energized like never before.

What IS Emerald Sea Supplement?

Emerald Essentials Sea VegetablesEmerald Sea is a super-food supplement that contains a unique blend of seven certified organic sea vegetables.  These sea vegetables are harvested by hand and sun-dried to retain all their nutrients.  By taking one or two capsules of Emerald Sea with your meal, you will dramatically increase the amount of whole food nutrients in your diet.

Sea Vegetables – Better than Land-Based Fruits and Vegetables

No other food can equal the broad range of minerals found in sea vegetables.  Seaweeds or sea vegetables contain virtually all the minerals found in the ocean.  These are the same minerals found in human blood.  The sea vegetables in Emerald Sea vegetables supplement contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, plant sterols, antioxidants, omega 3’s, omega 6’s, enzymes, phytonutrients, organic iodine, amino acids, fucoidan, and many more.

Studies show that many of our soils and farmlands are depleted of nutrients and minerals.  Hence, plants grown in soil are no longer as nutrient-dense as they were before.  Sea vegetables are 10 to 20 times richer in nutrients than land-based plants.  By eating seaweeds and taking sea vegetable supplements, you’ll have all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Main Ingredients in Emerald Sea Food Supplement

  • Norwegian Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) – contains over 12 vitamins, 20 amino acids, and trace minerals
  • Dulse (Palmaria) – A red sea vegetable; rich in enzymes, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine
  • Kombu (Laminaria digitata) – A brown sea vegetable that supports wellness and thyroid balance
  • Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosos) – Absorbs minerals from sea water and bio-enhances them into a marine superfood
  • Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) – A green sea vegetable; rich in iron and protein
  • Wakame  (Alaria esculenta) – rich source of Vitamins A, C, and E (Alpha-tocopherol), niacin and manganese
  • Nori (Porphyra umbilicalis) – rich in fiber and protein; strengthens the circulatory system and helps lower cholesterol

Benefits of Emerald Sea Supplement

  • Naturally increases energy levels
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Promotes cardiovascular function
  • Supports proper thyroid function
  • May help maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps regulate body metabolism and supports weight management
  • Inhibits uptake of heavy metals
  • Helps in the removal of toxins and heavy metals
  • Promotes the immune system

Vital Source of Iodine

Studies show that up to 96% of Americans are deficient in iodine.  Iodine deficiency can contribute to health risks including obesity, various types of cancer including prostate, breast and ovarian cancer, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, mental retardation, low IQ, and other health issues.

Seaweeds are abundant in iodine because they have the ability to concentrate and store large amounts of iodine extracted from ocean water.  Emerald Sea supplement capsules provide the iodine you need to keep your thyroid and metabolism healthy.

Daily Fruits and Vegetables Requirements

The US Department of Agriculture recommends a daily intake of 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables for adults.  Many people find it difficult to comply with this nutritional requirement.  By taking one or two capsules of Emerald Sea food supplement, you’ll get the nutritional benefits equal to 10 to 40 capsules of land-based vegetables.

Ounce for ounce, seaweeds contain more nutrients than any other food on the planet.  Certain sea vegetables contain up to 10 times more calcium than milk.  Sea lettuce has 25 times the iron found in beef.  The protein content of dried nori is 25-50% of its weight.  No other sea vegetable contains as much protein as nori does.


  • Contains certified organic sea vegetables
  • Sea vegetables are 10 to 20 times more nutrient-rich than land-based plants
  • 100% natural; contains no binders, preservatives or additives
  • Harvested by hand and sun-dried to retain raw, whole food nutrients
  • Tested for the presence of pesticides, petrochemicals, and other contaminants
  • Contains the full spectrum of vital nutrients
  • Affordable price


  • Claims have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Can only be purchased online

What Customers Say

Although the health benefits of Emerald Sea have not been evaluated by the FDA, numerous customers have reported a dramatic improvement in their health and well being.  This food supplement makes them feel more energetic.  Individuals with weight problems say that Emerald Sea helped them manage their weight.

Ancient cultures including the Chinese and Japanese have been consuming nutritious seaweeds for thousands of years.  Emerald Sea supplement capsules make it convenient and affordable for everyone to enjoy the many benefits of sea vegetables.

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