Sea Vegetable Capsules As A Diet Supplement

Sea vegetables or seaweeds may be relatively new in Western cuisine but this super nutritious food has been a staple in Asian cooking for centuries.  For many Westerners, the most familiar sea vegetable is nori, the thin flat sheets used to wrap sushi.

There are many other varieties of edible seaweeds that provide exceptional nutritional benefits.  While they can be enjoyed in soups, salads, and stir-fries, many people find it more convenient to take sea vegetables in capsule form.

Types of Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables belong to the algae family.  There are many different varieties of seaweeds including kelp, wakame, dulse, nori, and hijiki.  Some of them are green but other varieties are brown, red or black.  Edible seaweeds are found on coastlines in the Pacific and Atlantic where they grow rapidly in the cool ocean waters.

Seaweed Supplements

Sea vegetables are rich in nutrients and can help prevent or cure many health problems including diabetes, thyroid problems, obesity, high blood pressure, hair loss, and skin problems.  People who find it difficult to include these superfoods in their diet prefer to take seaweed supplements in the form of sea vegetable capsules.  You will find numerous brands of supplements containing different varieties of sea vegetables.  They often come in capsule or powdered form.

Sea Vegetable Benefits

Seaweeds are the vegetables of the sea and just like land-based green, leafy vegetables they are packed with nutrition.  Different sea vegetables offer different nutritional benefits but in general sea vegetables are excellent sources of iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamin B’s.  Seaweeds also contain a plant compound called lignans that may protect against many forms of cancer.

Because they contain high amounts of minerals and vitamins, seaweed supplements are beneficial for general nutrition.  Seaweeds are also good sources of dietary fiber.

Certain seaweeds have the ability to absorb and bind heavy metals and toxic substances that can harm the body.  Taking sea vegetables capsules every day can help your body eliminate toxins.

The Western world is becoming more aware of the many benefits of seaweed supplements.  New studies confirm what the Japanese and Chinese have known for hundreds of years.  Sea vegetables may be beneficial in preventing or curing many illnesses and health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, chronic fatigue, memory loss, and thyroid problems.


Sea vegetables in the form of whole foods are generally safe for everyone but seaweed supplements may be a different matter.  Some sea vegetable capsules or powders may contain high amounts of iodine and sodium.  Large amounts of iodine can be problematic for individuals with thyroid conditions.  People with high blood pressure may have to avoid seaweed supplements that are high in sodium.  When taking dietary supplements for a health condition, it’s best to consult your doctor first.

You should also make sure that the seaweed supplement you purchase is certified organic.  This will ensure that the sea plants are grown and harvested in pristine waters that are safe from pollutants and contaminants.  If you are taking sea vegetable capsules, find out if binders and fillers have been added.  Purchase your health supplements only from reputable manufacturers.

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