The Many Benefits Of Seaweed Extract

Rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients, it comes as no surprise that seaweeds are considered one of nature’s superfoods.  For many centuries seaweeds have been part of the diet of people living in coastal areas.  However, you don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the health benefits of these sea vegetables.  Dried seaweeds and seaweed extracts also provide the nutrients you need for a healthy body and a strong immune system.

Seaweed Extract Benefits

The benefits offered by seaweed extract can be noticed within days of starting the use of seaweed in your diet.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Toxicity cleansing.  Seaweed extract helps in detoxifying the body.  Sea plants help remove toxic pollutants and heavy metals in the intestines.  They also help clear the body of toxic chemicals and waste.
  • Improve the immune system.  Seaweed and seaweed extract improve the functioning of the immune system.  Seaweed extract supplements help the body fight viral infections and may aid in healing influenza, colds, tuberculosis, and arthritis.  Many types of seaweeds also contain compounds that fight cancer.
  • Increase body metabolism.  Alginate in seaweed extract helps boost the metabolism.  Thus, sea plants can prevent weight gain from consumption of high-calorie foods.
  • Healthy skin.  Seaweed extract helps reduce the production of oil in the skin, thus preventing the formation of acne on the face.  Sea vegetables also contain various trace minerals that improve the skin tone and give skin a healthy, youthful glow and smooth texture.  Seaweed extract also repairs damaged skin and increases its elasticity.  It is also effective in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Healthy hair.  One of the major benefits of seaweed extract is its ability to strengthen hair follicles and keep the hair thick and shiny.  It is said that the thick, black hair of many people in Japan comes from the seaweed’s benefits to hair.
  • Antioxidant effect.  Seaweeds and seaweed extract are rich in antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals and cancer-causing substances.
  • Blood sugar level.  Studies indicate that eating seaweeds reduces diabetes risk.  Seaweed extract helps maintain blood sugar levels and suppress the appetite.  People who include seaweeds in their diet or take seaweed extract supplements have lesser incidence of diabetes and pre-diabetes conditions.
  • Other health benefits.  Researches have shown that seaweed extract helps in brain development.  It also reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.  Patients suffering from joint pains due to osteoarthritis were given seaweed extract medication and within two to three months they were relieved of joint pains.  Seaweed extract also helps prevent osteoporosis.  It can be used to treat people suffering from impotence, anemia, or emaciation.


Seaweed extract can be purchased online and in many health food stores.  It is available in capsule, powder and pill form.  Many vitamin formulas list seaweed extract as an ingredient.  Shampoos and skin care products may also include extracts from different types of sea vegetables.

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